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About Us

History and Background of Yasati[Back]

Yasati stands for Yayasan Satipatthana Indonesia or Indonesia Satipatthana Foundation is a non-profit organization aiming in spreading Dhamma practices, especially by conducting routine

mindfulness meditation retreats in various locations in Indonesia.

Started from a small group of Dhamma Fellows years ago, with a few hours of meditation practice each meeting, the number of participants have been increasing from time to time. Focusing on the development of mindfulness meditation practice, construction was talked and designed. Finally permanent facilities are built to support short and long term meditation programs.

The first Indonesia Satipatthana Meditation Center (ISMC) is built in a compound of around 2 hectares. It's located in village of Bakom, Puncak. Three-hour drive away from Jakarta, the center is quiet, with cool suitable whether.

Facilities include a large Dhamma Hall which could accomodate around 150 yogis, dining hall, audio room, 36 kuties for yogis, 8 kuties for dhamma volunteers, and 4 special rooms for teachers.

Management Board:

Chairman: Kurniawan Chandra Rahardja

Vice Chairman:

Evi Yuliana


Assistant abbot:

Sayalay Pannacari

Sayalay Kusala


Sayalay Ariyanani


Sayalay Gambhiranani


Lily Setiadi
Budi Santoso
Sugandha Widjaja
Bhikku Gunasiri
Oedis Tjandra
Judha Hartono
Sayalay Pannacari
Fabian Chandra